Inspiring testimony given in 2015 from our founder, Jacqui MacConnell, on her motivation in founding the organization and the great need for our unique and important mission.  The testimony was given to Social Venture Partners as a Fast Pitch for funding.  Since our inception, Angels on Patrol has served over 14,000 individuals through referrals from law enforcement officers! 

Making A Difference


Changing Lives

Angels on Patrol (AoP) provides Youth Enrichment and police officer initiated support to community members in times of crisis.  Police officers are changing lives, one family at a time; and AoP is proud to assist as they help stabilize children and families in crisis and life changing Youth Enrichment programs!

AoP was founded in 2009, by Phoenix Police Lt. MacConnell as a direct resource for police officers as they come upon horrific scenes during their duty hours. Often they want to help beyond their official capacities, but don’t have the resources to do so. That’s where Angels on Patrol comes in. Officers can reach out to Angels on Patrol and ask for help for these families.


Impacting the Community

Since 2009, Angels on Patrol has assisted over 14,000 individuals. Serving the communities most vulnerable, by ensuring their safety and basic needs are met. AoP connects those in need with community resources, homeless and domestic violence shelters, basic needs, housing solutions, and workforce connections. Our youth enrichment opportunities help anti-bullying, leadership development and community engagement for at-risk youth. 


Thank You

Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of dedicated supporters like you. 

A special thanks to THE Angels on Patrol, police officers, who keep families and our community safe.

Be Our Angel

Can you spare $5, $25 or $100 a month? Your gift will help fund our mission in  helping children and families in crisis and at-risk youth.

In 2018, we received 250 requests from police officers. Together, we will make a difference!

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Our Mission

Angels on Patrol updated its mission in 2019:    Youth Enrichment and police officer initiated support to community members in times of crisis. 

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