Inspiring testimony given in 2015, from founder Jacqui MacConnell, on the motivation and critical need for our unique mission.  The testimony was given to Social Venture Partners as a Fast Pitch for funding.  

Making A Difference


Helping Police Officers Change Lives

Angels on Patrol's mission is to provide Youth Enrichment and police officer initiated support to community members in times of crisis.  Police officers are changing lives, one family at a time! AoP is proud to assist as they help stabilize children and families in crisis and support life changing police officer ran youth enrichment programs.

AoP was founded in 2009, by Phoenix Police Lt. MacConnell, as a direct resource for police officers during their on duty hours. Not every police call requires an arrest, most times it requires a crisis intervention. Officers want to help beyond their official capacity, but don’t have the resources to do so. That’s where Angels on Patrol comes in. 

AoP is the ONLY nonprofit helping our heroes go above & beyond the call!


Impacting the Community

Since 2009, Angels on Patrol has assisted over 14,000 individuals through requests from police officers. Serving the most vulnerable by assisting police officers ensure safety and basic needs are met, connecting to homeless & domestic violence shelters, workforce connections and community resources. Our support reduces recidivism, reduces the amount of children sleeping on the streets, and increases support to victims, to name a few.

Our youth enrichment program supports police officer ran anti-bullying, leadership development and community engagement programs for at-risk youth.


Thank You

Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or informing others of our mission, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of dedicated supporters like you. 

A special thanks to THE Angels on Patrol, police officers, who keep families and our community safe. We believe the healthier families are, the stronger our community will be!

Partner with Us!

Can you spare $10, $25 or $100 a month? Can your company sponsor AoP? Your gift will help fund our mission of assisting police officers stabilize children and families in crisis and at-risk youth.

In 2018, AoP received 250 requests from police officers. Together, we will make a difference!

Angels on Patrol is grateful for the financial support from community partners who invest in us and make it possible to support police officers going above the call of duty. 

Our goal is to not only be statewide in Arizona but Nationwide! Help make it happen! The brave "Angels on Patrol", our Police Officers need our support.

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Our Mission

Angels on Patrol updated its mission in 2019:    Youth Enrichment and police officer initiated support to community members in times of crisis. 

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