Programs That Enhance Family and Community

Officers provide immediate assistance to ensure the situation they've been called out to is stable before leaving the scene. However, many officers have the desire to help families and individuals beyond the official police call. Angels on Patrol gives police officers that opportunity. The result is empowered children, families and the community they serve.


Angels on Patrol moves families from crisis to stability by providing basic needs, such as shelter, food, clothing, help with utility payments, and rental assistance to avoid eviction. What differentiates Angels on Patrol from other organizations providing basic needs services is the lack of a waiting list and promptness of service. Once an officer determines a family would benefit from AoP's services, that officer completes an online application. A staff member responds on average within two business hours to the officer and family, securing information necessary to complete the application. Request is reviewed by the application committee to ensure request meets AoP's mission, then staff contact the family to arrange coordination of services. 


This program has two main components. The first component involves School Resource Officers who identify students at risk for bullying, gang involvement, substance abuse, poor academic achievement, families facing financial hardship, and/or truancy. These at-risk behaviors or risk factors are addressed during Youth Enrichment Program activities in a safe and productive environment while providing police officers as role models. Those role models assist the program participants in working through circumstances and activities with a focus on enabling success and achievement. Other program activities include exposure to social and educational experiences, physical fitness activities that teaches and reinforces non-violent conflict resolution through teamwork and communication skills.

The second component of the Youth Enrichment Program provides the funds for students, who would not otherwise have the resources, to participate in extra-curricular activities. Those activities may include a sports program, student government trip, band performance, or choir trip to major out of town performances. A majority of the students served attend Title I schools. 


Our annual backpack and school supply drive for School Resource Officers assigned to Title I schools.  We distribute an average of 700 backpacks stuffed with school supplies each year. The backpacks are picked up by police officers and they distribute to the children they know will not have the essential supplies needed to start the school year prepared.


 "I wanted to take this time to say thank you. Angels on Patrol helped me during a tough time in my life and has been a huge inspiration to me. I am still planning on giving back when I am able to. I wouldn't be where I am today if I had not gotten the help when I needed it. You have forever changed not only my life, but my son's as well. I can't wait to pay it forward. Thank you. Thank you. I will never forget what you guys did for me. Ever."

- Leti 

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